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About Me

Esperanza Gómez-Carrera is a Spanish visual artist, based in London. With a Degree in Psychology from the University of Granada and a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arts in London, she joints these two passions to develop and explore her vision of the world.

Investigates and accesses objects, places and situations that life offers, transforming them from her inner vision to offer them to the observer.

When she works in sculptures or installations, she does not like to feel tied up to any material, to any form. The materials fascinate her and how these can be transformed to give an emotional message. She works with wood, metal, wire, leather, paper, plaster, clay, etc., but is not faithful to any one of them. She likes to collaborate with the materials, to turn into visible what they can give. Her opinion is that each idea has its measure, its material and its form. What matters is the message. She is always in a phase of experimentation in her work, since she understands that art, like life, is a learning path and you learn when you go from the known to the unknown.

She also explores the communication with the observer through actions or performances, being interested in the "other" from the perspective that led her to study Psychology, that interest in how the observer lives, experiences and develops.

She has been a member of Espacio Gallery and The Artists’ Pool since its inception and a founding member of Degrees of Freedom, (DOF) Projects and Art Productions in London. Ande Films Productions is her last project.

She has worked with Tino Sehgal in the Tate Modern and Palais de Tokyo, Dora Garcia in Museo Reina Sofia and Gropius Bau, among others international artists. She has works in private collections in Europe, the United States, Japan and Singapore

Degrees of Freedom: www.degreesof-freedom.com
Espacio Gallery: www.espaciogallery.com